Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Chammanthi Podi/Kerala Roasted Coconut Chutney Powder

Chammanthi podi is a condiment from the Indian state of Kerala. Regular coconut chutneys would spoil the same day with out refrigeration, Making chammanthi podi was a way to preserve chammanthi for months. To make chammanthi podi , shredded coconut and spices are dry roasted in a pan to help evaporate the moisture from the mixture. Then the mixture is ground up and stored to be used later.

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Grated coconut  - 3 cups

Peppercorns - 1 -2 tsp

Dry red chillies  - 20 nos

Urad dal  - 2tbsp

Pearl onions  - 1/2 cup

Ginger  - 2 tsp

Asafoetida - a small piece

Curry leaves

Tamarind -



Heat kadai. Dry roast (do not use oil) grated coconut, peppercorns, red chillies, urad dal, pearl onions, ginger and curry leaves.  Stir them continuously on a medium flame. When the colour starts to change slightly, lower the flame, but make sure you are continuously stirring. When the coconut gets a deep brown colour, switch off the stove. This will take around 40-50 minutes. Keep it aside to cool for 20- 30 minutes. Add tamarind and salt. Grind to make a coarse powder. Store in airtight container.


  1. flavorful and yummy this chutney..

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. remembering hostel days and one of my room mates who used to bring super tasty chammanthi podi to survive us from boring daily menu :)

  4. aromatic and delicious and good thing is you can store it for long time. Thanks for sharing Remya.

  5. Chamnthi podi kollam Beena, Missing amma's chammanthi podi.

  6. It's wonderful to be learning so much from you. Loved the delicious looking Podi.

  7. I too make this often,looks it!!

  8. an interesting recipe. I should make some and store it for days I cannot make fresh chutneys.

  9. Looks appealing!! loved it very much!

  10. I like chutney podis. How long will this stay? Since it also has onions. Does it need to be refrigerated?

    1. As onion is fried, it will stay long. Usually it stays fresh for 2-3 months. If you are not sure about how fresh it can stay and how long, always keep it refrigerated.

  11. I love chutney powders.. it looks tempting & yummy will try this soon :)

  12. Delicious podi.... feeling nostalgic.....!



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