Monday, January 21, 2013

Beef pickle / Irachi acchar

Pickle beef goes well with every main dish lending a distinct  flavour  and colour.  Kindly note that for the recipe given below,  the pickle should always be bottled and refrigerated as only minimal oil and zero preservatives are used.  Take care not to use wet spoons when serving the pickle.


Beef ,                       -  1kg  cleaned, cut in to 2cm pieces, washed and drained.

Coconut oil              -  1 cup

Gingili oil                 -  1 cup

Red chilli  powder     - 3 tab Sp

Turmeric powder       - 1/2 tsp

Ginger                       -5 cm ( 1 in )

Garlic                         - 15 cloves

Fenugreek                 - 1 tsp

Mustard                     - 1 tsp

Asafoetida               - 1 tsp

Curry leaves             - 2 stalks

Vinegar                   - 1/2 cup

Water                     -  1/2 cup

Salt  to taste

Method of preparation

Pressure cook the beef with salt and turmeric powder till it is just about done.

Cook over high flame with the lid open to vaporise  remaining  water if any .

Deep fry he meat in coconut oil and set a part .

Crush the ginger and garlic .

Boil the vinegar and water and set apart.

Heat the oil, add the mustard and fenugreek.

When they crackle. add the ginger, garlic, curry leaves and fry.

Remove from flame and immediately add the chilli powder and  asafoetida.

Add the fried beef along with the boiled vinegar/ water.

Bottle and transfer to refrigerator when cool.



  1. Although i dont eat beef the pickle looks so so inviting Beena, lip-smacking

  2. wow look at the color. it's so tempting.

  3. Mom used to prepare this pickle & we use to enjoy it,Looks very delicious:)
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  4. Beef pickle looks delicious love it

  5. Beena, this is interesting. I did not know that there is such a thing as beef pickle and being a beef and curry lover, I will like this a lot. How long can this be stored in the fridge? (As if there will be leftovers, hah! hah!)

  6. I don't eat beef but ur clicks pulled me to comment, yummy preparation!!!



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