Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spinach prawns curry


Spinach   chopped  -    1  bunch
 Prawns  ( small )  -    250 gms
Onion    chopped -     1 no
Ginger  garlic paste -    1 tsp
Red   chilli powder  -    1 tsp
Salt     to taste
Oil -     2  - 3  tsp


1)   Take  a wok and  add oil. When oil  is  heated,  add   chopped onion .and ginger-garlic  paste.  Fry   it  till golden brown.

2)   Now add  turmeric  powder, stir well. Now chopped   spinach . Cook  it for 2-3  minutes.  When  spinach releases water, add cleaned prawns.

3)  Mix both prawns and spinach well.Close the lid and cook  for 5 minutes.

4)  When  spinach  and prawns  are half  cooked,  add  red chilli  powder, salt, and  mix well. Cook it for  other 5 minutes. When   oil   comes out,  spinach   prawns  curry   is ready   to  be served .

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